What are the Best Ways for Women to Stay Healthy and Fit?

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Scoring your fittest body is highly possible. Just stay tuned to the checklist below for a hotter you. Follow the health, fitness, eating and weight loss tips, and you can build your dream body in due course. Besides, join fitness classes Redhill to stay even fitter, hotter and healthier.

  • Change your Fitness Regimen Every 2 Weeks – Change your exercise regimen every 2 weeks if motivation is the biggest hang-up for you. If you change your workout routine twice a month, you will adhere to your plans automatically. Boredom won’t be a factor for you and you will just love to explore new version of workouts.


  • Don’t Skip your Meal – No, it is not about your breakfast. Rather it is more about the recovery meal right after the workout. Taking post-exercise nutrition will add up calories they have just burned is a wrong concept. Instead, get a combination of 20 grams of carbohydrate with 10 grams of protein (consider this as a ratio; you can change the portion accordingly) within half an hour of your fitness classes Redhill to refuel your body, boost up energy level, endorse muscle recovery and build a leaner body.


  • Take care of your Muscles – Mindless exercises never help. It can rather ruin your effort. It is not about only going through the motion of the exercise. Rather, you think, feel and engage your key muscles. Be careful and enjoy the feel as your muscles contract and getting more powerful and stronger with every rep. you may opt for a gym membership Redhill for better supervision and guidance.


  • Hang Tight – If you can’t do the pull-ups, never mind. You shouldn’t stop stepping up the bar. Just hang on as long as you can to improve upper-body strength. Try to keep the body still as much as possible. This way, you can naturally recruit the hips, abs and lower back and the arms as well. Also, slowly move the legs up and down or in circles to engage the abs even further. A ladies only gym Redhill would be better for you; here you can practice in your own pace and as per comfort level.


  • No Fasting – Before you initiate your juice cleanse diet, you must know that limiting your calorie intake drastically can drop pounds, but it may backfire. It will rather elevate the cortisol level and thus the stress. In addition, as you know, chronic stress is often associated with weight gain as well as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart ailments, cancer and impaired immunity.


  • Heed the Hunger – Give the body a chance to tell you when you are hungry. Unnecessary eating or fasting won’t help. Avoid eating, for example, as there is only one slice of bread left or skip meal as your guest arrived during the brunch. Just wait and check in with the stomach. If you are not likely to eat, just eat a small plate and sip on some coffee or tea. Have your food only when the stomach is grumbling. And if it grumbles, you must fuel it.


  • Listen to your Heart – Whenever you feel like getting through a grueling session, just go for it. Your Personal Trainer Redhill is also likely to support this mantra. Motivational self talk always helps reducing the rate of perceived effort and thus you can go even longer.

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