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We are a Health Club for Beginners and those wishing to restart exercising in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Fitness Classes Reigate

Choose to Come to the Best Tanning Centre in Reigate

At The Fitness Zone, we are reputed to be the best tanning centre in Reigate and with good reason. One of the things that have increasingly become popular in the UK over the past few decades is tans. A high percentage of people want to get tanned but due to the overall lack of sun throughout the year, the need to use a tanning bed becomes imperative. There are quite a few benefits of doing this too:

  • Dose of Vitamin D – One thing that happens when you stay out in the sun without any sunscreen is that you get your daily dosage of vitamin D. But considering the climate in the UK, staying out in the sun is not much of an option. This is where a tanning bed in Reigate comes in handy as it can give you the necessary vitamin D that you are looking for.
  • Lower Risk of Skin Cancer – When you are out in the sun, its ultraviolet rays get in touch with your skin and can cause skin cancer in the long run. You can simply sidestep this bane by using a tanning bed for your needs.
  • Boost Your Metabolic Rate – Another thing that happens when you go into a tanning bed is that the rays increase your metabolic rate. This causes you to lose those extra kilos at a quicker rate, so if you are trying to shed weight, tanning beds are an easy way to do it.

Considering that there are so many undeniable benefits of using a tanning bed, it is hardly a surprise that they have become so popular. As far as having top-quality tanning beds are concerned, you can find them at The Fitness Zone, the leading tanning centre in Reigate.

Member successes

  • I've been a Fitness Zone member for several years and am pleased that with all my hard work I am more toned, fitter and have much more energy now! I find the assessments really good for motivation. The staff are really friendly and helpful and the'socials' they do make me feel I belong somewhere special.

    Julia Richens
    Julia Richens
  • I've been a member of The Fitness Zone for several years. The club is a very friendly and relaxed environment, thanks to the staff that make it this way. The staff are always willing to help and I have achieved my goals and continue to progress in my fitness.

    Kelly Johns
    Kelly Johns
  • "I’ve been a member of The Fitness Zone for more than 15 years. I've not only enjoyed the relaxed and friendly environment, but also thanks to the help and encouragement of the staff I've achieved a good level of fitness. I would recommend the club to anyone wishing to increase their fitness and feeling of well being.

    Ken Mitchell
    Ken Mitchell

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