Hire A Personal Trainer In Horley For Some Easy Stretching Exercises

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If you are willing to improve your flexibility, engaging in some easy stretching exercises is a must. This is why experienced personal trainers always suggest their clients to do some stretches before starting with the workout. The flexibility offered by stretching allows you to unleash your strength during the training sessions. But stretching is not only about exercises, the calming effects offered by them are also wonderful and helps one to relax and energise.

Know The Right Time

Almost everyone joining a gym gets confused whether the stretching exercises should be done before or after a workout. Though they are useful both ways, personal trainers in Redhill generally suggest their clients to stretch before they start with the workout as it helps them to warm up their body. Our body gets prepared for the stress ahead as the blood flowing to the muscles gets enriched with the necessary nutrients and oxygen.

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The focus should be on dynamic stretching if you are doing it before the workout. You should try to maintain the movement instead of holding the stretch. The muscles get warmed up and the connective tissues get prepared for the workout. If you are planning to stretch after the workout, try static stretching where the muscles are stretched to a higher range. How long do you have to stay in that position is entirely dependent on your level of advancement.

3 Easy Stretching Exercises Suggested By Personal Trainers In Horley

  • Hamstring Stretches

These stretches aim at the back of your legs and so you can reap maximum benefits when you try them at the end of a workout. Ensure that the hamstrings are flexible if you want to make your hips, knees and back healthy. Opt for a gym membership in Redhill and get to choose from various hamstring stretches like the scissor stretch, reclined stretch, forward bend and standing hamstring stretch.


  • Shoulder Stretches

The easiest way to give relief from your stiff shoulder is by asking your personal trainer in Horley to include some shoulder rolls and rotations in your fitness regime. There are high chances for pressure to develop in the joints and soft tissues in your shoulder area if you sit and work for a longer period of time on a daily basis. The shoulders become stiff and sore. You can get rid of the pain in your ribs, back and neck also with some shoulder stretch.


  • Neck Stretches

Everyone wants to stay away from neck pain as it is not only annoying but can also lead to back pain and headaches. Though you can get a bit of relief by stretching the side of your neck, it is always advisable to ask your personal trainer for some effective neck stretches. The exercises help to loosen the postural muscles and reduce neck pain.

Since stretching exercises have so much to offer, it’s time you get in touch with experienced personal trainers for some more easy exercises.

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