Hire A Personal Trainer And Stay Active Even During Your Pregnancy

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If you think that getting pregnant means sacrificing your fitness schedule, it’s high time you debunk the myth. You will be surprised to know that exercising during pregnancy can be very beneficial for you and your baby. Just get in touch with an experienced personal trainer and they will help you engage in safe exercises. Exercising for just 30 minutes every day will help you stay active even during your pregnancy. Regular exercises are safe and highly recommended during pregnancy only if you are under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer.

Few Common Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy

  • Strengthen core and pelvic floor muscles
  • Manage pregnancy weight gain
  • Improve sleep pattern
  • Increase energy level and stamina
  • Better fluid balance and blood circulation
  • Manage anxiety and stress
  • Improve mood
  • Maintain blood sugar level
  • Stay active and regular

4 Common Exercises For Pregnant Women

  • Slow Jogging And Walking

You can easily stay fit during your pregnancy by doing a bit of jogging and walking. All you need to do is to adjust the duration, pace and intensity in accordance with your evolving needs. Maintain the limit of your pregnancy efforts when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Never push yourself too much. You need to understand that your body shape is continually changing and you can prevent yourself from getting injured if you maintain a good body posture.


  • Cycling

Since cycling isn’t quite harsh on your joints, pregnant women generally prefer it rather than jogging or walking. If you are willing to ride your bike outdoors, avoid steep hills and rough terrains. You can also take part in indoor spin classes but make sure that your personal trainer in Redhill is aware of your pregnancy. Instead of raising your adrenaline rush while cycling, ride at your own pace. Stop cycling the moment you feel that your heart rate is increasing or your body is getting overheated.


  • Pilates

The easiest way to prepare your body for the physical changes one encounters during pregnancy is by engaging in clinical and prenatal Pilates. Let your personal trainer in Horley suggest some easy exercises which will help in strengthening your pelvic floor and improve your posture. As your muscles become stronger, your body can support the growing belly and help in preventing back pain. The trainer supervising you should have adequate knowledge about pre-natal exercises.


  • Water Aerobics

Both swimming and water aerobics are considered to be safe during pregnancy, especially for those enduring pains or aches. This is primarily because water is capable of supporting the extra weight. You get some blissful relief by swimming in a cool pool if you are suffering from hot flushes during pregnancy. You can also ask your personal trainer to suggest a few easy strokes so that you can choose one which you feel comfortable.

Since you are now aware of the common exercises for pregnant women, it’s time you start looking for a renowned gym in your locality.

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